December 28, 2010

Wiz - Death After Life

[Intro - Wiz]

and then you die.

This is death after life.

[Verse 1 - Wiz]

So it has begun once again
The question comes up, is it the end
Is it all over, is this the final chapter
Is this the end of my sorrows and laughter
I don't want him to go it's way to late
I had much more, this couldn't be my fate
Why God why, why'd you let this happen
Why'd you let death be the topic of my rappin
I didn't want to do it, but I knew I would
Cause people always be dyin up in this hood
This hood we call home, it's our place
Death is the reaper that we dont wanna face
I faced him before and here I stand
This rap from my grave, I write with my hand
I know it might be scary, a dead man talkin
But this is my Thriller, I now am walkin
To tell the story of my pain
The story of my sorrows
The story that I went through
To never see tomorrow
The last few minutes, that I had breath
The last few seconds, before my death

[Verse 2 - Wiz]
It began like a bad movie
I thought how could life possibly lose me
I had it all good, I had money and power
I stood strong willed, like a tall tower
But no, that's not enough to stay
That's why I do not breathe on this day
I couldn't escape it this fate
It felt like my heart just became a weight
I lost my soul, I became a shell
My only wish that God would keep me from Hell
But as I fell, I saw myself
My life my death and all my wealth
I knew they would be sad, but I didn't care
I was on the ground, not an eye in my stare
Everyone was sad, everyone cried
Everyone grieved, for the wiz had died.
Everyone was sad, I was number seven.
Everyone prayed that I was in Heaven
But do not fear for I am here
My corpse was writing what I would share
If I was on earth and still runnin
My battery died; no charger comin
It was my story and the beginning and the end
My Death after Life this is the message that I send.


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