December 28, 2010

Wiz - In The Zone ["The Brotherhood" Theme Song] (Featuring DNL & Nitish)

[Intro - Wiz]
Brotherhood, (yea) that's who we are
Ridin' round undercover like front of your car
You wanna go somewhere, we'll take you far
We got more fuel to burn than the biggest star
Cause we're official, no fouls in our game
We play by the rules, just livin' up to the name
If you in need of a spot, just pick up your phone
And dial W-I-Z, cause I stay in the ZONE

[Verse 1 - Wiz]

Formerly known as the Boyz in da Board
Just the cool people hangin' on a social cord
But that changed on the day that the Zone was open
"This place wont die" was what I was hopin'
My man DNL, who always stayed cool
And Kip, Nit and ION who joined up too
Together we're WINK'D, but please don't Judge
And If we don't accept you then please don't grudge
I Lax 2da Max, yeah, that's what I like to do
If you like laxin and maxin then you can join too
Here in the Zone? Yeah we're ice cold and chill
We don't use flames, don't bring your burn heal
If you got the wrong Idea you're just shittin bricks
And I'll break em' like Mario, throw your stones not ya sticks
Get N' or Get out, that's what we go by
I'm IN; ZONING OUT, Dark tell em' why!

[Verse 2 - DNL]

Sprang from Boyz in da Board
about 2 months ago
the Zone's just another place for people to post
when the board is like crack
(at least according to Whitney)
and it makes you sick
to even think to stick
looking for a place to post?
now we are found
relax, be down, we're gracious hosts
come chill with our crew, be a part of our pact
ain't nothin to it; ain't nothin to do
just post or begone
and that means you.

[Verse 3 - Wiz]
So now I gotta throwback to my ol' bro Sprite
With the old skool boyz he helped us start the flight
But this is just the start, the finish aint in sight
We blastin off higher than Meowth (that's right!)
To infinite and beyond, up and ascend-o
The Zone is a tune, try to catch our crescendo
Don't miss a beat or that's what you will be
You can lounge round here, but you gotta pay a fee
That's free without the R, like Zone without the Z
Cause the ONE you hear is at the top of the list (that's me!)
Streamin topics all week like he's about to take a pisssss
So in conclusion, in order to avoid confusion
You post here, and if we like, you stay
If were not really fond, then have a nice day
This ain't an announcement, It's just another post
We stay in the zone ridin, from coast to coast!

[Verse 4 - Nitish]
Yup yup its the brotherhood,
Strollin through the board like a baby would,
Trollin in our zone, no that’s no good,
Kick you outta the place? Yeah we could,
Just don’t piss us off, and then you can stay,
And like wiz said, there’s a fee that you gotta pay,
So, P-A-Y U-P, oh I meant to tell you what’s the fee,
It’s R-E-S-P-E-C-T, meaning respect now can’t you see?
That’s the way we be, that’s the way we is,
Chillin like 10 freezers, me and my bro wiz,
ION too, and don’t forget kip and DarkNight,
And I’mma quote wiz again, the finish aint in sight
There’s gonna be tons of brotherhoods, we just getting started,
we’s a crazy bunch, we’s just so fuckin’ retarded,
The Brotherhood, we always positive and that’s a big plus,
And the judges are like air, you always gon’ need us


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