December 28, 2010

Wiz - 2010 Vision

[Verse 1 - Wiz]
Now allow me to (re)present the best class ever
The class of 2010, a bond never severed
Through all the highs and lows we now reign supreme
Ready to now live out a lifelong dream
So it seems that time has moved so fast
This is the beginning of a relationship that lasts
A lifetime, for we are forever connected
In anything that we do, we take the attention
Shooting for the moon, stars in the spotlight
We shine in the night, in the morning take flight
Better then the last, greater than the next
Class of X marks the spot, our own treasure chest
Full of memories, friendships, good times and bad
Pretty soon we'll go from high school students to grads
Isn't that grand? Everyone gave a helping hand
In making our class one to remember, from January to December!

[Verse 2 - Wiz]

I see a vision, for the class of 2010
We don't live to lose, we're born to win
A new chapter begins, and an old one ends
It seems like life is ready to start over again
Don't forget the time spent these last 4 years
Don't forget when you shed blood, sweat, and tears
Have no fears, for the future is limitless
And through it all God's love never diminishes
With 2010 vision sometimes we wont see right
From all that's left, we might see light
With that light, we can now see our trail
We can now change our destinies, with much avail
It's time to set sail, to broaden our horizons
It's time to master your waters, just like Poseidon
No use in hiding from the world, it never hid from you
It's waiting for you to change it, so come on through...


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