March 12, 2011

Wiz - Black Magic

[Verse 1]
Guess who's back it's the wiz on the track
Call me the underground railroad, I'm back on the map
I broke our chains and I freed the slaves
The Black Abe Lincoln, I'm a mile paid
You're a mild raid, you forgot to save
I'm going boom on your tomb, the Lara Croft way
No cheat codes, in South Beach the Heat froze
Don't speak slow if 32 karats is auction flow
Everbody knows I'm a Sphinx with the nose
Anubis with the mummies Indiana with Jones
A dog for the bones don't search Google for chrome
Stay off the dome cause I'm a Falcon at home
A Caesar in Rome, throwin' sticks not stones
The big bad Wiz, blowin up your speakerphone
Not rap I poem, yet I still keep flowin'
Never charged with battery, energized to keep goin'

[Verse 2]
And going, I'm determined to win
Not only in life, but when I've reached the end
When nothin is left, I wanna be on the right
Hand of the throne, to live in the light
Our flight, never ends, we have to defend
The only soul we have, don't give in to sin
Resist temptation from the several demons
They're feenin' for your immoral bleedin'
Not preachin' but these words are profound
If you never heard em well you're hearing em now
So in order to win, let me reiterate
This isn't of wizardry nor it relates
I state, this black magic is different
It's the power of the people to all repent
Dispel our spells, drive out the demons
The plague we escape, yet we still are breathin'
We gotta fight this fight until our leavin'
Be strong through the struggles during every season
Follow our path, stay within reason
No matter what comes your way don't stop beleivin'
Our journey is a tough one, filled with greivin'
Remain true to self, never breaking even
We will defeat him, send him back to the pen
Enternal life sentence, either lose or you win

[Verse 3]
The Wiz will never fall, in a league of my own
Yet I still give thanks, and I always atone
And on the microphone, I show no pity
I say what I feel, no hatred within me
See no evil, I'm blinded by the glow
Hear no evil, most def in the zone
Speak no evil, mute the mic with my flow
And do no evil, death begins on life row


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