December 28, 2010

Wiz - Triple Threat (Featuring Jawo' & DNL)

[Intro - Wiz]
What does that spell?
You tell me.
We got Jawo in da game
DNL too
I call this triple threat
Cause the threat's on you!

Triple Threat!!!

[Verse 1 - Jawo']
Bang! The door opens and I walk right in.
I'm lookin in yo' eyes. You know you can't win.
Your punk bitch whacked out friends are bein' smart.
They startin' to back off. They just don't got the heart
to tell you they have lost their faith in your skill.
While I'm standin' right here and I'm plotting my kill.
But they ain't goin' far. I'll spend my sweet time wit' ya
wipe the floor with your face 'n make ya my bitch, yea.
Take a stab below the belt. Why not? I'll confiscate it.
I'm beatin' yo' ass so hard it'll hurt to take a shit.
And before you get the chance to retaliate with the gay joke
I'll take that belt I snatched from ya and give you a reason to choke
But you best get that shit out your mouth first, you fuckin' pig
I wasn't even gonna mention how creepy you look in dat wig.
While my homies wiz and Bro . Bob are itchin' to tear them up
They ready to put on a horror show to scare them up.
And that's fair enough, so I'ma leave it right here.
Time's up, now it's his turn to bring on the fear. (Let's go!)

Triple threat!!!

[Verse 2 - DNL]
Check it: I'm D to the N to the double-digit
when it comes down to it, I'm all about the
I'll string ya along like a drawn out song
fuck with ya head
have ya poppin' pills and takin' meds
Steady sittin' behind ya screen cryin'
meanwhile, I'm on the other side of the world dyin'
But I ain't heartless, sometimes I just start shit
if ya need to talk, I'm sharp.
So take a stab, love; let's conflab and heal those scars and scabs.
It depends on my mood:
low as the floor
high as a kite
swinging back like a revolving door
Try as I might to keep it in check
it's a losing fight; I end up getting wrecked.
Whatever. I'm clever. Myself I'll never sever.
Get on with life and undergo other endeavors.
Long as you know this ain't no emo flow
Just a lil somethin' somethin' to let y'all know.

Triple Threat!!!

[Verse 3- Wiz]
They call me the final boss, cause it be ova'
I do so much damage I'm like a Super Nova
You spit with me, you'll be all out of spit
You'll be all out of breath, I'm tellin' you dis shit
My mind flows freely like the Nile river
The words that come from my mouth make my microphone shiver
You can't handle me son, don't make the error
When this rap is over you'll be shaking in terror
I'm a G, gracefully giving greatness generously
A GangSTAR in the sky, the galaxy gleaming gradually
Whenever I's like you gettin' a present
But for my enemy it's coal, a reward to the peasants
The peasants of the game, for those who don't know
They think they in fame, but they like a no-show
A no-show with no flow, they make it easy for me to go
But it's whatever, I think you had enough today
So in closing of your defeat I would like to say
Don't ever try me again, farewell, and have a nice day.



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