December 28, 2010

Wiz - Very Thankful (Featuring DNL)

[Verse 1 - Wiz]
Gather round kids, it's feasting time
So Feast your eyes on beasting rhymes
We all in it for the food, but let's be in it for the mood
For thanks, and welcomes, so please don't be rude
Now me and DNL gonna sit 'round this meal
And gobble up these rhymes the way we feel
Then spit em' back out at you, just for appeal
It's gonna be on fire, we got a spit of steel
"I guess I should be thankful" was what our turkey said
Cause how you gonna revive something if it ain't dead?
So be greatful for greatness, cause that's what you're seeing
We're givin thanks, Christmasin' and New Years Eve'n!
So sit round with the Hood' and grab your plate
Cause we servin' up the best thanksgiving meal to date!

[Verse 2 - DNL]
Here we go again, that day of the year
when everyone reflects on how blessed they are
Sit around the table, family near
held hands, bowed heads-- the whole 9 yards
Indeed, they go to great lengths
to profess their gratefulness and set aside hatefulness
nothing wrong with that, just don’t relent
Giving Thanks on one day is not time well spent
if it’s the only day of the year when you consider
your precious, consider your dear
Keep it in your head, stay on the ball
cuz ya never might know when you’d lose your time
lose your mind
or, God forbid, lose it all
Now I had my words, I’ve said my peace
now let me let you go
enjoy your feast!

[Verse 3 - Wiz]

Welcome to the thanks, thanks for the welcomes
And thanks to my peeps, and welcome to the anthem
God's blessings to all, to all a good flight
Now allow me, the wiz, to give his thanks right
Shoutout to the Big D-O-G, G-O-D
Cause with him all things become possibility
I coulda been six feet underground, lost and never found
But I'm outta this world, just call me Earthbound
And I'm still around, hotter than your stove
More chill than your freezer, got more green than a grove
Anywho, I digress, and now I gotta progress
To thank the press for what they confessed
"Wiz is the greatest ever, we can't contest!
He's an immortal kombatant, still on his konquest!"
And I'm on to the next one, this time it's for yall
I'm just gonna throw it out there, so no screwballs
For you I'm very thankful, and thankful I will be
And that's all I played, end of the symphony...


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