December 28, 2010

Wiz - World Class

[Intro - Wiz]
I need no introduction, I'll speak from my mind
So pay attention as I mention things that define
My greatness, which has been the source of my success
This is the World Class, the Wiz at his best

[Verse 1 - Wiz]
I'm like a phenomenon, there's only one of me
And only one Wiz that can spit so beautifully
I'm a one man symphony, no need to harmonize
I'll serve ya food for thought, even make it supersized
But my words'll fly over ya head, just call it fast food
I might even switch up the flow depending on my mood
Despite all that, don't ever think I'll change
Cause I got enough sense not break bread with these gents
And I got enough rents to send ya packin' to ya tents
Wiz don't ride the bench, he sends rappers to it
Always steppin' my game up, consider me a shoe-in
No one can ball in my court, let alone push for a case
I'll even tell ya I'm guilty while puttin shame to ya face
If this was a race, I'd always be runnin' this track
You'd be trailing the pack, ya flow so behind you'll get overlapped
And I'll snap, on any player who wants to pick and choose
You'll eventually find out playin me is only lose-lose
Someone's goin home sad, the other one content
Like I broke off the weakest link, you failed to take the hint
I'm the best thing since sliced bread, I just took it whole
I'm the guy always that hammers these emcees like whack-a-mole
I'm the one above the fold, you the one foldin' under pressure
I'm the Wiz thats the ruler of the mic, no one can measure
To my skill, I kill, any prophecy, I fufill
Cause who's Wilzer to you? Is he just a guy you knew
Who started rapping out the blue like a dolphin at the zoo
Well cage me up in the sea, and watch me still go in raw
Takin bites of my prey and still spittin like Jabberjaw
You can't see my leagues, you can't fry my fish
You can't rock my boat, you can't do as you wish
I'm the Genie, please don't rub me the wrong way
Or your only wishes will be that you live another day
My flames too hot? Then stay out the kitchen
Matter of fact, get out of my sight, like conflict prevention
I bet yall are thinking, is this really Wiz?
Is this really the guy in class? I think it is.
Well you thought right, and I'm here all night
I can spit it, eat it, bop it, twist it, even rip it
And what's best is I can do it all without a gimmick
What you see is what you get, and tonight I'm comin clean
I'm part of the World Class, call me the Wiz machine. :)


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