May 31, 2011

WIZ vs. JAWO' - Freestyle Rap Faceoff!

Probably the two best writers on the SSBBSB, Wiz and Jawo' are in an ongoing rap battle. The rules are simple, 4 bars of rhymes. Take a look below at the heat that's been spit! The battle flows from top to bottom, with the most recent response at the end.

Alright, that's it. Stop butcherin' the English language.
Y'all flows are complete shit. It's causin' me mental anguish.
4 Bars only? Fine. I don't need a whole verse.
I'm killin' all you so quick, you partyin' in the back of the hearse.

Butcher the English language? You've mastered that with no degree
I would much rather butcher your body while you're sippin' Sprite mixed with Ice tea
Boi please, the only thing killin is time, you'd do best to clock out
I'mma pull the rocks out, put ya on the front page of the paper with a scissor'd scalp

You're damn right I mastered it with no degree. I'm too smart for school.
You sure that's what you meant to say? Cuz you just made yourself sound like a fool.
I'm already off the clock. I'm pullin' overtime by cleanin' yo' garbage.
Your rocks, papers, and scissors are back where they belong: In yo' ass wedge.

Jawo' smell like moldy swiss cheese mixed with expired Lima beans
And that's just your style, it reeks of that smell that even crack heads wouldn't fiend
Your shit is far below average, and I'm not sayin' it just to be mean
Might as well consider your frame divided in half with only a quarter of sixteen

Below average shit? Is that the best you can rip me on?
And random repulsive rotten food fragrances? Really man...c'mon.
And now you comparin' me to picture frames and mathematics?
If you really want to impress me, then stop being a child and be more graphic.

Oh you want me to get graphic? How about I stab you sadistically with somethin' phallic?
Right up your anus, and maybe if you don't cry I'll make it slightly less painless
But if you scream I'll stuff your mouth with a fistful of poisonous crayfish
And tell all of them first one to tear out of your body wins a pet bitch

If you think my ass is gettin' tapped, I know it won't be from you.
'Cuz as far as I'm concerned, your crotch is see-through.
Either that or there's simply somethin' missin', so gettin' fucked by you is quite a feat.
They say you are what you eat, so no wonder you're nothin' but big meat.

Whether short or long, my bars will stretch you like Armstrong
Drop the lighter, cause even with the fire you can't get any whiter
I'm spittin' venom like a spider, man the earth trembled when the wiz of oz was born
Step back cornball, you softer than a straight guy watchin gay male porn

I haven't forgotten about this, but but I'm too tired to think of a good response.
Maybe it's cuz y'all just so boring I don't even notice your taunts.
I'll come up with a better response once my yawns stop.
Until then, do me a favor and stop swipin' your lyrics from the pawn shop.

KING SILLY (directed at DNL)
With words we make peace. With words we create wars.
And with the words I speak now, I'm callin' out the King of whores.
What happened, Bobby? You fell silent before you had a chance to feel me.
Step up to the plate again and how 'bout you go one-on-one with King Silly.

You couldn't think of a good response if you were drunk
tied up and at gun point with me screaming "Jawo put your bars up!"
But fuck it, I'm getting tired from just reading your non-sense
Now put the pot down, and stop selling dime bags for nine cents

The only reason you think I'm so high is 'cause you simply short.
Just like your flow, when you're compared to me you're only a half a quart.
You're the youngest of the literate litter here.You ain't no damn man, boi.
Anythin' I have to say to you will hurt more than that pussy plastic pistol toy.

Your rhymes are a great reflection of your life, boring and of no worth
So while you were spittin' I created a time machine to travel back and prevent your birth
Which in turn would prevent this curse of you plaguing the world with wackness
You're an under-the-ladder pussy, you'll catch bad luck the next time you claim blackness

WIZ (Bonus Bars)
When it comes to spittin' I ain't about tech sprayin' or dime bangin'
I'm all about rhyme layin', don't have to be blind to feel what I'm sayin'
I say crime's payin', I just kill time with this murderous line slayin'
Leave ya blazin', followed by a brainstorm when my mind's rainin'