June 17, 2011

Droppin' Knowledge: Sex

Sex is huge. The whole concept is embedded into our minds at a VERY young age, and it's one of the few things we don't really take time out to think "why?" Sex has become a large business, and I just don't mean pornography. We give so much of our attention and time to huge sex symbols that we forget why they are even famous. Perfect example: Kim Kardashian. What on God's green earth has she done (besides release a sextape) to become so famous? If you answered "be an incredibly hot model", then you're correct. People love sex and sex symbols because most of the time it correlates with pleasure. And people love pleasure. Therefore we focus so much on pleasure, and pleasing our selves just for a few minutes that we put sex over more important things.

Is sex bad? Of course not. How do you think you got here? But the thing I don't like is how sex has become such a driving force in relationships, and that is not a good thing. For me personally, I will only have sex with one person in my life, not one time, but only one person. That person has to be with the person who I can say yes to. And by yes, I mean "Am I willing to have a child with this person?" "Am I willing to have emotional attachment to this person forever, no matter how small it may be?" "Am I willing to step up and be responsible for whatever comes from this?"

Look at it like a video game with DLC (Downloadable Content). Sex is an add-on in a relationship. It's not needed, but it does add a new pleasure (which wont last forever). However, most players/developers think that extra content (aka sex) is super important, and they need every bit of it. Not the best analogy but you get my point.

All in all, once you find the right one, have sex to your hearts content. Just learn how to prioritize first, because you want stability before pleasure.


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