December 28, 2010

Wiz & Jawo - Motivation

[Verse 1 - Wiz]
You know that feeling you get
when you want to express your mind
But your mind mines you, words are hard to find
And they're even harder to put together
You struck a diamond but you can't even sell her
It's the creativity, we have it in potential
What we don't know is that our potential is exponential
There's a word called motivation and it's our raised power
We're the base so it only makes us greater by the hour
When you take your motivation and channel that energy
Things can be accomplished that were impossible originally
You can move mountains, you can put the world back in rotation
You can spit rhymes with a power so great it's in scientific notation
See that's why I write, I want to contain my thoughts into words
But my mind is like a battlefield, only the righteous can serve
I don't speak of hate, what's a negative raised to a higher level
It only becomes more negativity, one bad apple can rotten several
I speak of change, the way life is going we're playing 4 quarters
With no timeouts, with the defense keeping us cornered
I write to get past those barriers holding back progress
I want to break down those obstacles and find success
My goals are only to motivate, to inform, and to represent
All three are for whoever reads this, yet I still need consent
I want to know if my voice is heard, if I'm making a difference
If not, I'll continue to be motivated, call it a race to the finish.

[Hook - Wiz & Jawo']

My's what drives me
My's what sets me free
My decree...
My motivation...

[Verse 2- Jawo']

The things that motivate me are on a short and boring list
So it's taken forever for me to bring myself to write this
It's not like most mainstreamers who fill thier lives with drugs and sex
Talkin' about how much weed they hit and what slut they're fuckin' next
It's all the same shit, and I'm really sick of it all
Where's the substance and meaning? All I see is an empty brick wall.
They spit lyrics about having all they could ever want.
When in reality they're miserable...But I can't even front.
Sometimes I also write to try and escape from the real world.
Thinking about my current life only makes me want to hurl.
I don't think it matters if it's a bad or a good day.
Sometimes it's just the only way to say what I gotta say.
My head fills with thoughts, so this paper fills with ink.
Comin' up with messages designed to make you think.
Sometimes I write just to try and get a point across.
And I do that in the hopes that my life isn't a complete loss.
Hell, most of the time I write while bumpin' rock music
just sittin' here tryin' to come up with some hot new shit
Just something that works for me to get the creativity flowing
My own method to madness, and in the end it's certainly showing.
I write to entertain. To inspire. To show respect.
And to do all of that at once is the ultimate test.
I don't write to be original. I write to be myself.
and I'm writin' this right now, hopin' it's you that I can help.
My motive comes this moment, so here's my inspiration for you.
Got somethin' to say? Then pick up that pen and write with us, too.

[Hook - Wiz & Jawo']
My's what drives me
My's what sets me free
My decree...
My motivation...


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