December 28, 2010

Wiz presents....THE WIZ RAPS!!!! (2010)

These are all of my raps that were written in 2010! Most of them have features by users that I know, and each one has it's own story behind them. I know it's a lot, but please take the time out to read and enjoy each one.

In case you are wondering "where is the audio for all of this?" ...there is none! I wanted the main focus of these raps to be one thing - the lyrics (and I barely have any decent recording equipment to make actual songs yet). That doesn't mean I will never record them one day. For now, I just want the readers of this blog to be more creative in interpreting and envisioning rap lyrics.

Now without further a-do...I present to you...

THE WIZ RAPS! (2010)

1. World Class
2. Lil' Mama
3. Very Thankful (Featuring DNL)
4. Fry Day (Featuring K3V & Nitish)
5. Wiz Got A Story To Tell
6. Death After Life
7. No Love Remix (Featuring Geno)
8. An'Gels
9. Motivation (Featuring Jawo')
10. 2010 Vision
11. Wizdom
12. Triple Threat (Featuring Jawo & DNL)


1. In The Zone ["The Brotherhood" Theme Song] (Featuring DNL & Nitish)
2. Double Triple Threat (Featuring Kip, Nitish, DNL, Rocker & Jawo)

***Enjoy!! And don't forget! Duo rap album by Wiz & DNL entilted "Can't Fool a Brother" coming real soon!


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