December 28, 2010

Wiz - Double Triple Threat (Featuring Kip, Nitish, DNL, Rocker & Jawo')

[Verse 1 - Wiz]
Killin' n' illin', Wiz is on top of the ceilin'
And he's got his boyz backin' him up while he's still in
Contention for the heavy weight, never late for the debate
Who's the best? Simple question, even simpler the answer
He's the one you're hearin', the slave with no master
And no equal, commandin' the triple threat sequel
Got you leanin' off ya seat watchin' the scene like Dr.Evil
That boy'z gotta sick flow, sippin' it'll make you queasy
Then you ask me how I make it look so easy, boy you best believe me
Walkin' in my shoes is always high-risk, high return
So I suggest you take a step back and try to learn
How to do it like the Wiz, no one does it better
I'm like icy-hot, I make you freeze up, then give you a sweater
With no doggin' out, all I got is these cats who love me
I'm like the mediator, I connect the good the bad and the ugly
I took my bites and now I pass the spoon, cause my boyz are hungry!

[Verse 2- Kip]

So you're asking why Kip is the best? Do you know who you're asking?
Is the fuckin' answer too hard for graspin'?
Chill out people....yea....yea...yea just lax to the max
Smoke a fat pound and lay on ya backs, what do you say to that?
Basically anyone with a sense of sight can cleary see
I'm most definitely no Eminem but it feels so empty Without Me
So let's all just calm down....Please take a fuckin' seat
So I can just think clearly...I'm gettin' dizzy and I can't stand on my feet.
They say I'm supposed to wallow in mud, but if that's the case then why am I a stud?
Got all the ladies screamin' my name, shoutin "Kip, we love your game!"
So why haven't I accepted stardom or fame?
Once again, do you know my name? No? Shut the fuck up you're lame
Have you even felt my pain? Have you ever been cheated on or felt ashamed?
Ever been called a slut or blamed? Blamed that you fucked someone's mind or their brain?
So I'm slut huh? That's okay.
You're a little damn whore, and I hope you enjoy them AIDS

[Verse 3 - Nitish]
Y'allready know the brohood's incredible,
Always gon be around cuz we unforgettable,
Should be plaqued up cuz we so memorable,
Eatin these weak posters cuz they so edible,
I'm the hottest poster on this board - so blazin
Chillin wit my bro Wiz, you know he's so amazin,
DarkNight know that these other posters turtles to him,
Kip runnin over posters like they hurdles to him,
Jawo' runnin this board harder than a track meet,
Rocker on this track but you know he no lackey,
Now enough about them, this is time for me,
I'm excitin' like fireworks, you're just a bore see,
I'm unlucky for you, avoid me like twelve or fourteen,
I'm already past your level, the future is foreseen,
My head is so big, I'm covering the whole scene,
I'm a tear you a new asshole, kinda like goat-see?
I'll end your life, like you overdosed on dopamine,
And who's ending this stunnin verse? Lo and behold, me.

[Verse 4 - DNL]
Ooh! Is that a chill up your spine?
Getting cold feet in the presence of someone divine?
I ain't the Holy Ghost, but if it's all the same, fuck with me and you toast.
Rest assured, vengeance will be wrought
harsh realities, but lessons must be taught.
But don't get me wrong, I ain't quite cold as I make out in this song.
I'd just as soon chill with you than straight kill you.
Actually, I'm iffy on latter
too much effort to make *ninjas* splatter.
I'd just be chillin in the crib, layin in the cut, tryin to do my bid, pickin out the sluts.
I'm feedin the birds, when dinnertime comes.
Honey, want a worm? I got a nice big one!
Nah, but I don't mean to be crass, I fuck around a lot, and I might seem an ass
but I don't wanna shit on ya, I don't wanna spit on ya, and if I see you're in trouble then I ain't gonna quit on ya.
Come to me, anytime, dear, I'll gladly lend an ear and gladly make it clear.
Your head, that is, and whatever's running through it. Whatever your problem is, I'll help ya slew it.
That's right, past tense slew. Like yesterday or prior, your demons are on the fire.
It's just the way I am, why fight it, I like it. And nothing you can say will ever make me strike it.
And yeah, I know I'm bending the rules, but keep it with us. Don't tell them fools.

[Verse 5 - Rocker]
Here I come, I'm The Messiah
The man you all admire
Lightin' the place on fire
You about to get inspired
Cause I'm different than the rest
And I'm better than the best
You heard my rhymes a hundred times
And every time
You leave impressed
And why you even trying?
Cause there is no denying
That you cannot top this
Cause this is my business
So get the fuck away from me
I'm too good for you, don't you see?
Ain't no one gonna disagree

[Verse 6 - Jawo']
I went first in the first threat and now I'm last in the second
it's a shame there ain't noone left who wanna stick out their neck and
try to prove to me that I'm not nearly as good as I say
But that's pointless cuz the rest of the crew already paved the way
I'll take on any motherfucker who thinks they're hot shit
I'll twist your mind so hard you'll learn to be a contortionist
Go eat that cock spit you piece of shit, soon you'll be feelin' the ceilin'
Bitch about the pain you're in while I make you eat yourself for a meal and
just as easy as I'm smearin' the lines between reality and fiction,
I'll drag what's left of ya and smear your blood all over the kitchen
You think I'm depraved yet? I'm so tainted I'm in that shit-faced stage
I haven't drank in months, but I'm under the influence of misplaced rage
I envy your life. You have the entire world of options to choose.
But it was a mistake to pick a fight with someone who's got nothin' to lose.
Bring on the broken bottles of booze. We'll see who really gets cut deep.
I'll spike my hair and headbutt your eyes so I can witness a crimson weep.
I'll counter it all. Bring on the baseball bats. Bring on the serrated blades.
Bring on your sluts who can't get enough business to buy a pair of shades.
You've not nothing on me. You can't take me down. Noone can figure out how.
I'm begging you! Gimme someone who can finally put me out of my misery now!
Anyone who dares to try and end my hate filled lyrical nightmare...
put me to sleep without dreams, just like this loser in front of me right here!


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