June 30, 2011

Droppin' Knowledge: Friendship

There’s no better feeling then living life knowing someone has your back. That someone will give you a cosign when you need it, those people are what we call friends, and to me they are the most important relationship you can have outside of a relationship with God and your family. The entire concept of friendship is a perfect representation of positivity between two people. Whenever you have a friend, there is some type of positive energy being shared between you two. Getting that energy to as many people as possible is something that I dream will one day take place within our society.

            Now the term “friends” is very loosely used these days, and it’s probably even lost some of its original meaning. My definition of a friend is simple – one who shares a positive emotional attachment with another. This positive attachment has to take precedent over any other feelings you have for the person, or it turns into hate, which is definitely not friendship. 

            How many friends should a person have depends on how close said friends are. Having just the right amount of friends in your smallest circle is important. I would say that everyone considered, I have only about a handful of very close friends. Now I don’t like getting into numbers, but I would say about 20 tops. And these are people I would share my life with actively, as well as look out for. My entire circle of friends consists of probably like everyone I’ve ever had a positive conversation with on several occasions.

            It was really hard to write this because it has become hard to explain the dynamics of friendship. And it was equally hard to write while not trying to sound too cheesy! But as long as you spread that positive energy to others, and they do the same, the ship of friends will always stay afloat. (How’s that for cheesy?)


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