December 28, 2010

Wiz - Wiz Got A Story To Tell

[Verse 1 - Wiz]
Huddle round the campfire...
And listen to the wiz spit fire...
Relax, take notes...yeah, uh~

Once upon a time--nah, fuck it
This shit right here gonna get real thuggish
Bitches love it, they never seen it, they always want it
Wiz never goes gangsta at least he never flaunts it
Now, picture me, back in the scene fresh out of New Orleans
Gettin' green in a mean lean machine, huh
Just gettin' home, baby mama gone
Real sweet chick, she's all brains and I'm brawn
I say all brain cause she's great in the head
She can suck a mean dick last night we messed up the bed
I was feelin' kinda grumpy, a little lumpy, from makin' money
So I went up the stairs in a bit of a hurry
Got in the room a smelled a foul odor
Happened last night when I caught a mad boner
Was bout to lay on the bed, but I couldn't do that
Took off the shirt, flipped up the mat
Found a gat, with the strap, ready to pat-pat
Shiny silver n' black, barrels lookin' kinda fat
To my surprise it wasn't mine, I keep my tools on me
Inspector Gadget, in case danger calls on me
It couldn't have been Patricia, she don't play wit guns
Unless you count mine, but no big puns
Her and I were the only two that lived here
Unless she had another ninja that was sleepin' here
I know that bitch ain't cheatin', else I'm beatin'
Both of they ass then I'll be unleashin
Run off then I'll mash, all too fast
Don't wanna jump to conclusions tho
Just keep it coolin, but if she was foolin'
I would get to toolin' yo
Put the mat down, had the gat behind my back
Heard the door open, almost had a heart attack
Pat just got home from a hard days work
Was about to play Sherlock, no fuckin' jerk
She got to the room and I pointed at her
Not the finger, not the gat, no time for chitter chatter
Where'd you get this? Don't speak no myth
Else we gonna have problems, and you dealin' with
I wanted answers, I'm the man she's the lady
I hold the tools, she get after this dick like Tracy
Said she need self-defense in case she get attacked
Well bitch, what good does it do under a mat?
Told her she got one more chance when I heard her phone ring
Picked that shit up, this nigga started talkin'
Gimme the loot, else you's a dead-nigga walkin'
Who the fuck is this, and why is he calllin'
Meanwhile this bitch start crying, thinking she stallin'
I grabbed the gat, hopped in the van she led me to his crib
All the while this mofo think he got dibs
On my cash, I'm fast when it comes to the stash
Van was on mash when we stopped at his place
Ready to go Rambo, leave with no trace
I see this ninja at the door, waitin' an' shit
Quick so I ram him, then I slam him
Then I cock the gun up, ready to blam him
Then I hear shots soundin' whole round in
I look back and see my wife pistol houndin'
Fired shots at this ninja, I know he was done fo'
I didn't wanna kill though, no time for the po'-po'
We ran in the van, escape like Taliban
Got back to the bed we ended up dead, yep

And that's what happened last night...


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