January 22, 2011

Wiz - King Koopa

Here's a little something I decided to release for everyone to check out. I know the quality is a little iffy, but I really wanted to showcase this track. Shoutout to the illest producer of all time, DJ Premier!



[Verse 1 - Wiz]
Yeah, it's the wiz...
And we're in the Mushroom Kingdom...

Lyrically, I'm a hungry beast and this beat is my feast
So when it's dinner time I regurgitate and rise like yeast
The least common denominator but the only factor
Plowing through your speakers like an old trailer tractor
Actor with no script my improv has been robbed
Lookin' like bad paint jobs, actin' like teenage snobs
One pea in this pod, yet I still have twice the green
I don't need Mary Jane, not ya friendly neighborhood dope fiend
No smoke screens on this scene, I stay claritin clear
I drop bob-omb's on every stage and I airship steer
Failure is my only fear yet we've never met
I leave him upset like a gambler deep in debt with no more bets
And no more checks, I wreck reps like it's my 9 to 5
Leave you slimes to slide down this slope like a kids ride
You better hide, when Wiz rises you start runnin'
Cause I'm comin for the top spot, once I get a hold I will not drop
or chop block, catch me outside with the tools like a pit stop
Leave you and your ride leakin, but I ain't squeezin'
Leave that to my Goombas and Koopas, my henchmen stay schemin'
Kidnapped your princess and all the stars, I stay beamin'
You stay leanin' after I finish this you'll go back to crack feenin'
So keep dreamin', you're gonna need more than the Mario bros to stop the ruler
Flow colder than the ice in your cooler, breathin' fire on every beat, it's King Koopa