June 30, 2011

Wiz: Droppin' Knowledge - Volume 1

I normally don't do things like this, but all month long I've been deep in thought about...well everything. The best way I thought to get those thoughts out was to post what I feel, completely unrestricted. These posts are all my thoughts, my ideas, my opinions. 

So allow me to drop this knowledge...

2. Sex

Hope you enjoy reading through these. I really enjoyed writing them out and I plan to do more in the future, God willin!

Droppin' Knowledge: Earphones, Earbuds, and Headphones

There’s no true superior in these three different types of ways to listen to your music. How you choose to listen is all up to personal preference. For some they’re all in the same. For others, there’s a whole world of debate open. Then there’s my opinion. And I’ll have to side with headphones.

Why? Because they provide the best sound quality, and ensure that you always maintain that sound quality. Added to the fact that they can be very stylish depending on the brand. The only problems I have with them is that they can be hard to manage, and they can pricey – Beats by Dr. Dre can cost almost $599. But I always say you pay for what you get, and if you pay for $599 headphones expect $599 sound. 

Conversely, earphones and earbuds (I have a hard time distinguishing the two) are extremely convenient; you can wear them almost anywhere, and they go right in, and come right out. The problem I constantly have with earphones/buds is that they will not stay in my ear. At all. I don’t know what it is, but whenever I try some earbuds out, they just jump out of my ears seconds after. On top of that, they break very easily and provide pretty weak sound quality compared to headphones.

But they’re CHEAP! And that’s a great thing, because they definitely fit the price. Like I said earlier, what you pay for is what you get, so whatever suits your preference is what’s right.

Droppin' Knowledge: Friendship

There’s no better feeling then living life knowing someone has your back. That someone will give you a cosign when you need it, those people are what we call friends, and to me they are the most important relationship you can have outside of a relationship with God and your family. The entire concept of friendship is a perfect representation of positivity between two people. Whenever you have a friend, there is some type of positive energy being shared between you two. Getting that energy to as many people as possible is something that I dream will one day take place within our society.

            Now the term “friends” is very loosely used these days, and it’s probably even lost some of its original meaning. My definition of a friend is simple – one who shares a positive emotional attachment with another. This positive attachment has to take precedent over any other feelings you have for the person, or it turns into hate, which is definitely not friendship. 

            How many friends should a person have depends on how close said friends are. Having just the right amount of friends in your smallest circle is important. I would say that everyone considered, I have only about a handful of very close friends. Now I don’t like getting into numbers, but I would say about 20 tops. And these are people I would share my life with actively, as well as look out for. My entire circle of friends consists of probably like everyone I’ve ever had a positive conversation with on several occasions.

            It was really hard to write this because it has become hard to explain the dynamics of friendship. And it was equally hard to write while not trying to sound too cheesy! But as long as you spread that positive energy to others, and they do the same, the ship of friends will always stay afloat. (How’s that for cheesy?)

Droppin' Knowledge: Business

Business is not about doing what is right for the good of mankind. Business is about doing what is right for the good of profit. That is the main goal when you are doing business, and that goes for any level you’re on. Selling crack on the streets is just as much of a business as anything else is. The only difference is the legitimacy of the income. When I think about business, the first thing that comes to my mind, and probably to a lot of your minds is a large corporation, headed by a young CEO making billions doing whatever that company does. But when you actually step back and look at the entire picture, every business is doing the same exact thing. They want to push their product, or their “brand” out there, and they want you to invest in that brand.

            The investment we make in that business then fuels their whole operation. They make more of what we want, we buy more, and the cycle continues until the times change. And sometimes they never change. We see companies that have been around for ages – companies like AT&T, GE, Ford – companies that have simply stuck with the times.

            I believe that the act of doing business will never be pure, no matter what it is being done for. The reason lies within the goal of business – money. (Read the write-up on Money for more info) There will always be a hidden agenda, some shadiness going on behind the scenes. Yeah you can market this product in such a way that it seems like it’s for a good cause, but personal gain will always triumph over collective gain. We as a people must first understand this before we understand how to make business something beneficial not just in a financial aspect, but in a social aspect as well.

June 17, 2011

Droppin' Knowledge: Money

Mo money, mo problems. Less money, mo problems. Cash Ruins Everything Around Me, CREAM, Dolla Dolla Will Kill Yall. The mere existence of money causes problems. At the same time, everything we have on this Earth is a affected by money. It's weird even taking a stance on this, because you really can't. Look at the rich and the wealthy, they'll tell you that they aren't happy. At the same time, are poor people happy? Are even middle class people happy? We tend to create attachment to things such as money, when in plain reality there is nothing to gain from having it. But there is lots to lose from not having it...which creates a weird paradigm between money and us, the people who obtain it.

To me, as long as I have enough money to live life at a satisfying pace (satisfying being subjective), then I'm fine. I don't want to be rich. If I want something and it costs too much, then oh well. I've learned that nothing in this world is truly worth the money. Period. I might buy something I want, and I find enjoyment in it for an extended amount of time, but at the end of the day I would be perfectly fine without it.

This excludes the necessities of life of course. "Necessities" however, has become somewhat subjective as well. Not including the obvious food, water, shelter, etc, what I consider a necessity (like internet), might not be a necessity to you. Money comes into this equation because it's the only way to maintain these necessities.

So what do you do? Spend your whole life trying to stack your paper to the ceiling? Or just do whatever makes you happy, no matter how much money comes with it?

Answer: A bit of both, honestly. It's just the world we live in. I believe in doing what makes you happy, but make sure it's something that will bring you long time happiness (or satisfaction if happiness is too cheesy) and income. How much happiness? That's up to you. Same with the income.

So if I confused you throughout this, I understand. My stance on money is really hard to explain. Basically, It's good for us, and it's bad for us. We just gotta find a way to make it work for us, instead of working for it.

Droppin' Knowledge: Sex

Sex is huge. The whole concept is embedded into our minds at a VERY young age, and it's one of the few things we don't really take time out to think "why?" Sex has become a large business, and I just don't mean pornography. We give so much of our attention and time to huge sex symbols that we forget why they are even famous. Perfect example: Kim Kardashian. What on God's green earth has she done (besides release a sextape) to become so famous? If you answered "be an incredibly hot model", then you're correct. People love sex and sex symbols because most of the time it correlates with pleasure. And people love pleasure. Therefore we focus so much on pleasure, and pleasing our selves just for a few minutes that we put sex over more important things.

Is sex bad? Of course not. How do you think you got here? But the thing I don't like is how sex has become such a driving force in relationships, and that is not a good thing. For me personally, I will only have sex with one person in my life, not one time, but only one person. That person has to be with the person who I can say yes to. And by yes, I mean "Am I willing to have a child with this person?" "Am I willing to have emotional attachment to this person forever, no matter how small it may be?" "Am I willing to step up and be responsible for whatever comes from this?"

Look at it like a video game with DLC (Downloadable Content). Sex is an add-on in a relationship. It's not needed, but it does add a new pleasure (which wont last forever). However, most players/developers think that extra content (aka sex) is super important, and they need every bit of it. Not the best analogy but you get my point.

All in all, once you find the right one, have sex to your hearts content. Just learn how to prioritize first, because you want stability before pleasure.

Droppin' Knowledge: Relationships

It's all under siege. By who you ask? BY US. We don't want to be committed anymore like previous generations. We take relationships for less than what they're worth now. I know people who've been in 3-4 different relationships all in the span of a year, some of them I knew really well. It's okay to do in high school, but relationships in high school wont last, point blank period, but if you're out in the world, it's time to strap down and get serious. About everything. (Well not EVERYTHING, but yeah.) That doesn't mean you have to find a chick who will ride it out with you from the first day you step in college, but it means you start taking more things into account when it comes to a partner, because there is more at stake for both of you. It's a hard thing to do, and many people stress themselves (myself included) way too much over relationships and such. And for us guys, the ladies are a huge part of that stress, thought we accept it.

I think women are a blessing to this world. Just think, do you know how wack the world would be if it were guys only? That being said, I will never put a female on a higher pedestal than she deserves. When both the man and the woman are on equal levels, as far as anything goes, that's when the synergy is most likely to grow.

There are some roles the man must take, and some the female must take (like cooking my dinner! ...just kidding.) and those roles tie into that synergy. I don't say it's 50/50...I say it's 100/100, because both sides have to give everything in order the get the best results. If I give half, I'll never have the full thing, and vice versa. The full thing is that feeling that progress is being made. The feeling that the relationship will last...possibly a lifetime.