December 28, 2010

Wiz - Wizdom

[Verse 1 - Wiz]
I gotta lost stream of consciousness...
Thought provoked and heartless
Every time I go write(right)
what's left I harvest
Thinkin that It's the natural
Same scene different time zone
Mother nature aborted the garden
With the words set in stone
I'm just a follower, adaptin' to the struggle
Present day life blastin' pasts from the shuttle
Countdown is imminent, no rent, nor ascent
Keep my quarter and my nickel, only thirty percent
System overload, hard drive crashes bandi-coots
and hogs hedges, no more green to shoot
I stole the loot, forgot to take the booty
Sailed the 8th sea but lost the movie
X marks the spot, tons of gold to share
All the worth to spare, no pollution in the air
Livin city life, was just chillin in the pond
Ninjas tryin to sink battleships,
Raisin the flag but not for long
Cause I'm walkin the plank
On one, foot blindfolded
Text bolded, words scolded
Copy pasta's became molded
And wrappers bein stolded
Grinch givin Christmas back
Said his tree fell down
Those same pirates were lumberjacks
With no swords on the mound
Chainin saws together round the house
Carol in a killin spree cause he did a roundabout
To the curb, fired his eggs on the side
Sunny side down, just so he can ride
On the moon, find some water and a spoon
So he can taste what he never made
Grabbed some ice and lemonade
Just for the serenade, picnickin' without the ants
Got the basket and the cloth, catching passes from Moss
Randy or Sinorice, keep runnin' for the chorus
But got down to 4th, two minute warning
And the football is porous
It's not for us but buy us
We play the same tune
Rap the same words
Just more deserted as the dunes
No Cactus pines, injecting 1000 needles
Then escape through the stage and go into fetal
Position, never changes, always bills and cards
Face right on 20, left on 5
Conspiracy looms as the country divides
War is civil, tired of con-feds not in the nation
Old timers novel, present day relation
Only read of wizdom, no happiness or tranquility
Inside my mind there is no stable stability...


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