December 28, 2010

Wiz - Fry Day (Featuring K3V & Nitish)

[Verse 1 - Wiz]
They say T.G.I.F, I say T.G.I.W
Hit the Friday Night Lights & go off like photoshoot
The start of the weekend, more like weekbegin
Friday's when the fun starts, Monday's when it ends
Some don't comprehend as to why it's called Friday
That's when Wiz spits hot fire, throwin punchlines like a Melee
Or Pele, footworks fancy and there's no nay-say
You can ride with me tonight or back your pags and hit the wigh-hay
Touche, don't disrupt my fencing until a Holiday
This is no comedy, this ain't back to the future
We livin in the present, and this one contains your ruler
Who is I, don't deny, this Friday's like a feast
You get Wiz, Nitish and Kev, all on the thirteenth
Not an unlucky combo, more like the supernatural
Call us the X-Pen, what we write is not even taxable
So take back your tariffs, we not going into retail
No resale, Thursday at noon equals an e-fail
When the clock reads zeros, speculation soars
Who will Wiz Fri on this day, will it be sluts or the whores
No disrespect but I elect that Friday be a day of reckoning
Love it or hate it, you'll still crown me as the King.

[Verse 2- K3V]

There's seven days in a week with only one that really matters
It's called fuck Monday give me Friday on a platter
Serve it to me hot so I can love it all day
If everyday was Friday I would never have to pray
Oh shit it's Thursday, meaning homework verse the clocks
But only one more day till we can whip out our own cocks
When lookin at our homework we always seem to mourn
Until that awesome day where we can watch our favorite porn
Fridays like the finish line, we work so hard to get there
like when I pull my dick out and shoot at you like a gun flare
blinded by the light from all the shit that's going on
let's keep Friday Long lasting, let's keep it big and strong.
Hey skank hey slut hey whore what's there to do
Well obviously it's Friday so the answer is you
We go down to my room and start to take off our clothes
Wake up, fuck it's Monday, four more days until who knows.

[Verse 3 - Nitish]

Today is Friday and its my day to get high. Yay
Pull out the driveway, speed up to the highway,
Say, I forgot to mention, I'm breaking my parole,
No suspension or detention, nah I'm kinda old
for this kiddy shit, its nitty gritty up in this hole,
I'mma do you a favor, ill cut you up with a razor
I'mma stab you in the eye with sandpaper,
You're about to go through a rough patch,
I'm swerving side to side leaving dust in my path,
Catch my drift? Bitch, my wordplay's like Iraq,
I'm terrorizing the flow, and Wiz has got the dough,
Kev's here with the dro, now its time for the end of the show,
we're start of your weak ass's end, its Friday up in here,
like the fifth day of the everything, we're the final frontier.


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