December 28, 2010

Wiz presents....THE WIZ RAPS!!!! (2010)

These are all of my raps that were written in 2010! Most of them have features by users that I know, and each one has it's own story behind them. I know it's a lot, but please take the time out to read and enjoy each one.

In case you are wondering "where is the audio for all of this?" ...there is none! I wanted the main focus of these raps to be one thing - the lyrics (and I barely have any decent recording equipment to make actual songs yet). That doesn't mean I will never record them one day. For now, I just want the readers of this blog to be more creative in interpreting and envisioning rap lyrics.

Now without further a-do...I present to you...

THE WIZ RAPS! (2010)

1. World Class
2. Lil' Mama
3. Very Thankful (Featuring DNL)
4. Fry Day (Featuring K3V & Nitish)
5. Wiz Got A Story To Tell
6. Death After Life
7. No Love Remix (Featuring Geno)
8. An'Gels
9. Motivation (Featuring Jawo')
10. 2010 Vision
11. Wizdom
12. Triple Threat (Featuring Jawo & DNL)


1. In The Zone ["The Brotherhood" Theme Song] (Featuring DNL & Nitish)
2. Double Triple Threat (Featuring Kip, Nitish, DNL, Rocker & Jawo)

***Enjoy!! And don't forget! Duo rap album by Wiz & DNL entilted "Can't Fool a Brother" coming real soon!

Wiz - World Class

[Intro - Wiz]
I need no introduction, I'll speak from my mind
So pay attention as I mention things that define
My greatness, which has been the source of my success
This is the World Class, the Wiz at his best

[Verse 1 - Wiz]
I'm like a phenomenon, there's only one of me
And only one Wiz that can spit so beautifully
I'm a one man symphony, no need to harmonize
I'll serve ya food for thought, even make it supersized
But my words'll fly over ya head, just call it fast food
I might even switch up the flow depending on my mood
Despite all that, don't ever think I'll change
Cause I got enough sense not break bread with these gents
And I got enough rents to send ya packin' to ya tents
Wiz don't ride the bench, he sends rappers to it
Always steppin' my game up, consider me a shoe-in
No one can ball in my court, let alone push for a case
I'll even tell ya I'm guilty while puttin shame to ya face
If this was a race, I'd always be runnin' this track
You'd be trailing the pack, ya flow so behind you'll get overlapped
And I'll snap, on any player who wants to pick and choose
You'll eventually find out playin me is only lose-lose
Someone's goin home sad, the other one content
Like I broke off the weakest link, you failed to take the hint
I'm the best thing since sliced bread, I just took it whole
I'm the guy always that hammers these emcees like whack-a-mole
I'm the one above the fold, you the one foldin' under pressure
I'm the Wiz thats the ruler of the mic, no one can measure
To my skill, I kill, any prophecy, I fufill
Cause who's Wilzer to you? Is he just a guy you knew
Who started rapping out the blue like a dolphin at the zoo
Well cage me up in the sea, and watch me still go in raw
Takin bites of my prey and still spittin like Jabberjaw
You can't see my leagues, you can't fry my fish
You can't rock my boat, you can't do as you wish
I'm the Genie, please don't rub me the wrong way
Or your only wishes will be that you live another day
My flames too hot? Then stay out the kitchen
Matter of fact, get out of my sight, like conflict prevention
I bet yall are thinking, is this really Wiz?
Is this really the guy in class? I think it is.
Well you thought right, and I'm here all night
I can spit it, eat it, bop it, twist it, even rip it
And what's best is I can do it all without a gimmick
What you see is what you get, and tonight I'm comin clean
I'm part of the World Class, call me the Wiz machine. :)

Wiz - Wizdom

[Verse 1 - Wiz]
I gotta lost stream of consciousness...
Thought provoked and heartless
Every time I go write(right)
what's left I harvest
Thinkin that It's the natural
Same scene different time zone
Mother nature aborted the garden
With the words set in stone
I'm just a follower, adaptin' to the struggle
Present day life blastin' pasts from the shuttle
Countdown is imminent, no rent, nor ascent
Keep my quarter and my nickel, only thirty percent
System overload, hard drive crashes bandi-coots
and hogs hedges, no more green to shoot
I stole the loot, forgot to take the booty
Sailed the 8th sea but lost the movie
X marks the spot, tons of gold to share
All the worth to spare, no pollution in the air
Livin city life, was just chillin in the pond
Ninjas tryin to sink battleships,
Raisin the flag but not for long
Cause I'm walkin the plank
On one, foot blindfolded
Text bolded, words scolded
Copy pasta's became molded
And wrappers bein stolded
Grinch givin Christmas back
Said his tree fell down
Those same pirates were lumberjacks
With no swords on the mound
Chainin saws together round the house
Carol in a killin spree cause he did a roundabout
To the curb, fired his eggs on the side
Sunny side down, just so he can ride
On the moon, find some water and a spoon
So he can taste what he never made
Grabbed some ice and lemonade
Just for the serenade, picnickin' without the ants
Got the basket and the cloth, catching passes from Moss
Randy or Sinorice, keep runnin' for the chorus
But got down to 4th, two minute warning
And the football is porous
It's not for us but buy us
We play the same tune
Rap the same words
Just more deserted as the dunes
No Cactus pines, injecting 1000 needles
Then escape through the stage and go into fetal
Position, never changes, always bills and cards
Face right on 20, left on 5
Conspiracy looms as the country divides
War is civil, tired of con-feds not in the nation
Old timers novel, present day relation
Only read of wizdom, no happiness or tranquility
Inside my mind there is no stable stability...

Wiz - Wiz Got A Story To Tell

[Verse 1 - Wiz]
Huddle round the campfire...
And listen to the wiz spit fire...
Relax, take notes...yeah, uh~

Once upon a time--nah, fuck it
This shit right here gonna get real thuggish
Bitches love it, they never seen it, they always want it
Wiz never goes gangsta at least he never flaunts it
Now, picture me, back in the scene fresh out of New Orleans
Gettin' green in a mean lean machine, huh
Just gettin' home, baby mama gone
Real sweet chick, she's all brains and I'm brawn
I say all brain cause she's great in the head
She can suck a mean dick last night we messed up the bed
I was feelin' kinda grumpy, a little lumpy, from makin' money
So I went up the stairs in a bit of a hurry
Got in the room a smelled a foul odor
Happened last night when I caught a mad boner
Was bout to lay on the bed, but I couldn't do that
Took off the shirt, flipped up the mat
Found a gat, with the strap, ready to pat-pat
Shiny silver n' black, barrels lookin' kinda fat
To my surprise it wasn't mine, I keep my tools on me
Inspector Gadget, in case danger calls on me
It couldn't have been Patricia, she don't play wit guns
Unless you count mine, but no big puns
Her and I were the only two that lived here
Unless she had another ninja that was sleepin' here
I know that bitch ain't cheatin', else I'm beatin'
Both of they ass then I'll be unleashin
Run off then I'll mash, all too fast
Don't wanna jump to conclusions tho
Just keep it coolin, but if she was foolin'
I would get to toolin' yo
Put the mat down, had the gat behind my back
Heard the door open, almost had a heart attack
Pat just got home from a hard days work
Was about to play Sherlock, no fuckin' jerk
She got to the room and I pointed at her
Not the finger, not the gat, no time for chitter chatter
Where'd you get this? Don't speak no myth
Else we gonna have problems, and you dealin' with
I wanted answers, I'm the man she's the lady
I hold the tools, she get after this dick like Tracy
Said she need self-defense in case she get attacked
Well bitch, what good does it do under a mat?
Told her she got one more chance when I heard her phone ring
Picked that shit up, this nigga started talkin'
Gimme the loot, else you's a dead-nigga walkin'
Who the fuck is this, and why is he calllin'
Meanwhile this bitch start crying, thinking she stallin'
I grabbed the gat, hopped in the van she led me to his crib
All the while this mofo think he got dibs
On my cash, I'm fast when it comes to the stash
Van was on mash when we stopped at his place
Ready to go Rambo, leave with no trace
I see this ninja at the door, waitin' an' shit
Quick so I ram him, then I slam him
Then I cock the gun up, ready to blam him
Then I hear shots soundin' whole round in
I look back and see my wife pistol houndin'
Fired shots at this ninja, I know he was done fo'
I didn't wanna kill though, no time for the po'-po'
We ran in the van, escape like Taliban
Got back to the bed we ended up dead, yep

And that's what happened last night...

Wiz - Very Thankful (Featuring DNL)

[Verse 1 - Wiz]
Gather round kids, it's feasting time
So Feast your eyes on beasting rhymes
We all in it for the food, but let's be in it for the mood
For thanks, and welcomes, so please don't be rude
Now me and DNL gonna sit 'round this meal
And gobble up these rhymes the way we feel
Then spit em' back out at you, just for appeal
It's gonna be on fire, we got a spit of steel
"I guess I should be thankful" was what our turkey said
Cause how you gonna revive something if it ain't dead?
So be greatful for greatness, cause that's what you're seeing
We're givin thanks, Christmasin' and New Years Eve'n!
So sit round with the Hood' and grab your plate
Cause we servin' up the best thanksgiving meal to date!

[Verse 2 - DNL]
Here we go again, that day of the year
when everyone reflects on how blessed they are
Sit around the table, family near
held hands, bowed heads-- the whole 9 yards
Indeed, they go to great lengths
to profess their gratefulness and set aside hatefulness
nothing wrong with that, just don’t relent
Giving Thanks on one day is not time well spent
if it’s the only day of the year when you consider
your precious, consider your dear
Keep it in your head, stay on the ball
cuz ya never might know when you’d lose your time
lose your mind
or, God forbid, lose it all
Now I had my words, I’ve said my peace
now let me let you go
enjoy your feast!

[Verse 3 - Wiz]

Welcome to the thanks, thanks for the welcomes
And thanks to my peeps, and welcome to the anthem
God's blessings to all, to all a good flight
Now allow me, the wiz, to give his thanks right
Shoutout to the Big D-O-G, G-O-D
Cause with him all things become possibility
I coulda been six feet underground, lost and never found
But I'm outta this world, just call me Earthbound
And I'm still around, hotter than your stove
More chill than your freezer, got more green than a grove
Anywho, I digress, and now I gotta progress
To thank the press for what they confessed
"Wiz is the greatest ever, we can't contest!
He's an immortal kombatant, still on his konquest!"
And I'm on to the next one, this time it's for yall
I'm just gonna throw it out there, so no screwballs
For you I'm very thankful, and thankful I will be
And that's all I played, end of the symphony...

Wiz - No Love Remix (Featuring Geno)

[Verse 1 - Wiz]
Some people love the hate, others hate the love
Call me the Ace of Hearts, heir to the King of Clubs
Kept you throwin' Spades, but you're a Blood Diamond
I have a bloody heart; wounded yet still poundin'
Loveless soul searchin', results were so astounding
They told me not to fall, this hole is under-grounding
I'm locked inside my mind forever with no escape
Soon as I find the key I'll unlock my fate and...
Crush any opposition, without hesitation
You catchin' visions, I'll throw you revelations
So ahead of your time, my words are Apocalyptic
You read between the lines, but I ain't even bein' cryptic
I'm always on the move, my shock is never static
I made the system thug conscious, called it Trillmatic
Wiz is on the rise, your ceiling is my floor
Your mind now belongs to me, I just shut the door let's get dangerous I ain't a stranger just
The realest motherfucker spittin' angel dust and
Blessed be the bitches that break bread and bust
Cause Wiz never shares the wealth only in God I trust
In, I pop rock and hop after time like Justin
Case dropped so you rushed in for bail, or just fail
Full HP with flail, Wiz made a splash and wet the sail
No one else can rock the boat or build a moat
Or provide it with the flow needed to stay afloat
I wrote these rhymes to put an end to discussion
Of whose the best ever, I bang heads like concussions
Flip the script like Russians so when I'm on the mic rap Wizzes without flushin'
Sense ya blood rushin', you pumpin' it up like Budden
No cuttin' yourself just take me off the shelf cause I'm on the show floor
Proclaim my wealth cause I'm top tier and all these other emcees are eye sore
With no lore and no gore, I'm Kratos tearing apart mics like the rap God of War
And you're a bitch, a pussy, a slut, a whore
and I'm the one not givin' any love no more!

[Hook - Eminem]

It's a little too late to say that you're sorry now
You kicked me when I was down
But what you say, just (don't hurt me, it don't hurt me)
and I don't need you (no more), don't want to see you (no more)
Bitch you get (no love)
You show me nothing but hate
You ran me into the ground
But what comes around goes around
And you (don't hurt me)
You (don't hurt me, no more)
That's right, and I don't need you, don't want to see you
Bitch you get (no love)
And I don't need you (no more)
Bitch you get (no love)

[Verse 2 - Geno]
Alright Geno, step up to the mic, be patient,
You'll be in the trash if this chance gets wasted.
You gonna sit back and let them haters have at ya?
These bitches will be on their knees when you've made it ta' platinum.
They're gonna be blowin' you off like they did before ya fame,
Knowin' they're on your dick just to explore the game.
Well they can get fucked before I spread the love,
You bitches wanna kick me while I'm down, pray I don't get up.
'Cause damn man if I do, I ain't goin' back down,
I'm shootin' up the charts, yeah, gunnin' for cash now.
But it's time to crack down, fuck these average raps,
I'ma whip these pussies if they wanna fuck with the savage cats.
'Cause I ain't havin' that, you got something to say, just say it,
Absorbin' the hate like a kink in your hose, then spray it
All over you bitches like I was wielding Agent Orange,
And I guess someone fucked the game up because your tastes have been deformed.
Oh I've had it with you whores, you want your mind blown?
I skull fucked this bitch up, free stylin' off the dome.
It's time to put on a show, so raise those curtains,
Along with those fingers 'til your joints start burnin'.
No more jerkin' around, come into the light,
You backstabbers can trip in the dark and fall on a knife.
And I ain't holdin' back, this time there's no restrictions,
Go out and cop this track and put it on your gift list,
For Christmas, 'cause this shit just makes ya wish that,
I'd ease up on the licks but, I'll never hold my tongue,
'Cause I'm spittin' fire that's so hot it's got ya all dried up.
So haters line up, here's a pencil, take it,
Pen me into your top 5 and leave the rest vacant.
Erase the best, yeah I got them bitches runnin',
Quicker than Grigorieva got beat by her husband.
I'm goin' vegetarian 'cause the beef is too raw for me.
I got bars of steel so bite 'em and break all your teeth.
And now your jaw's are weak, but Geno's got the remedy,
Just throw this beat on and flow to the melody,

[Hook - Eminem]
It's a little too late to say that you're sorry now
You kicked me when I was down
But what you say, just (don't hurt me, it don't hurt me)
and I don't need you (no more), don't want to see you (no more)
Bitch you get (no love)
You show me nothing but hate
You ran me into the ground
But what comes around goes around
And you (don't hurt me)
You (don't hurt me, no more)
That's right, and I don't need you, don't want to see you
Bitch you get (no love)
And I don't need you (no more)
Bitch you get (no love)

Wiz & Jawo - Motivation

[Verse 1 - Wiz]
You know that feeling you get
when you want to express your mind
But your mind mines you, words are hard to find
And they're even harder to put together
You struck a diamond but you can't even sell her
It's the creativity, we have it in potential
What we don't know is that our potential is exponential
There's a word called motivation and it's our raised power
We're the base so it only makes us greater by the hour
When you take your motivation and channel that energy
Things can be accomplished that were impossible originally
You can move mountains, you can put the world back in rotation
You can spit rhymes with a power so great it's in scientific notation
See that's why I write, I want to contain my thoughts into words
But my mind is like a battlefield, only the righteous can serve
I don't speak of hate, what's a negative raised to a higher level
It only becomes more negativity, one bad apple can rotten several
I speak of change, the way life is going we're playing 4 quarters
With no timeouts, with the defense keeping us cornered
I write to get past those barriers holding back progress
I want to break down those obstacles and find success
My goals are only to motivate, to inform, and to represent
All three are for whoever reads this, yet I still need consent
I want to know if my voice is heard, if I'm making a difference
If not, I'll continue to be motivated, call it a race to the finish.

[Hook - Wiz & Jawo']

My's what drives me
My's what sets me free
My decree...
My motivation...

[Verse 2- Jawo']

The things that motivate me are on a short and boring list
So it's taken forever for me to bring myself to write this
It's not like most mainstreamers who fill thier lives with drugs and sex
Talkin' about how much weed they hit and what slut they're fuckin' next
It's all the same shit, and I'm really sick of it all
Where's the substance and meaning? All I see is an empty brick wall.
They spit lyrics about having all they could ever want.
When in reality they're miserable...But I can't even front.
Sometimes I also write to try and escape from the real world.
Thinking about my current life only makes me want to hurl.
I don't think it matters if it's a bad or a good day.
Sometimes it's just the only way to say what I gotta say.
My head fills with thoughts, so this paper fills with ink.
Comin' up with messages designed to make you think.
Sometimes I write just to try and get a point across.
And I do that in the hopes that my life isn't a complete loss.
Hell, most of the time I write while bumpin' rock music
just sittin' here tryin' to come up with some hot new shit
Just something that works for me to get the creativity flowing
My own method to madness, and in the end it's certainly showing.
I write to entertain. To inspire. To show respect.
And to do all of that at once is the ultimate test.
I don't write to be original. I write to be myself.
and I'm writin' this right now, hopin' it's you that I can help.
My motive comes this moment, so here's my inspiration for you.
Got somethin' to say? Then pick up that pen and write with us, too.

[Hook - Wiz & Jawo']
My's what drives me
My's what sets me free
My decree...
My motivation...

Wiz - Lil' Mama

[Hook- Wiz]
Yeah she's hot, she's cool, I wanna make her my tool
But I can't! Oh lil' mama!!!
Yeah she's fine, her time, I wanna just make all mine
But I can't! Oh lil' mama....

[Verse 1 - Wiz]
Now I normally don't sweat her
But hot damn she's like the sun in the summer with a sweater
I'm talkin bout, chick so hot, you woulda thought she died
And came back right after, more sweet than a pie
I just wanna take a bite, no matter the flavor
Apple, cherry, blueberry, I just wanna save her
From myself, cause I can't let lust defeat me
But it's pretty close to happenin', her life's in 3-D
And Imma make it 4, i'll give her a new dimension
Imma love her throughout time, a spacial connection
And we'll be blastin off again, now and forever
Or just until the time comes when you read this letter...

[Hook- Wiz]
Yeah she's hot, she's cool, I wanna make her my tool
But I can't! Oh lil' mama!!!
Yeah she's fine, her time, I wanna just make all mine
But I can't! Oh lil' mama....

[Verse 2 - Wiz]

She's at it again, playing tricks on my mind
She gives me brain teasers, on solutions to find
All I got are words to rhyme, to gain her love
At the rate that this is going I'll need help from above
So God send me a cupid, with a mic in his hand
That I can spit love through whenever I command
And allow her to hear everything that I say
Every message I relay, for every price that I pay
Cause today I'm gonna do it, I'm gonna rap these words
And she's my only stage, my only little bird
I hope she flies in our cage, so we can be locked up together
And we can stay behind these bars forever, and ever...

[Hook- Wiz]
Yeah she's hot, she's cool, I wanna make her my tool
But I can't! Oh lil' mama!!!
Yeah she's fine, her time, I wanna just make all mine
But I can't! Oh lil' mama....

[Verse 3 - Wiz]

So in closing, I want you to open your heart
And let me in, So I can never depart
Love is an art, and we are the artists
This track is for us, our eternal harvest
Welcome to the garden, lets plant our seeds
That will grow on forevermore, and live out our dreams
But I've already lived out mine and it's to be here with you
The future is never certain though, what will we do?
Whatever your decision, you choose with precision
Cause livin ain't livin less you givin your me...

Wiz - Death After Life

[Intro - Wiz]

and then you die.

This is death after life.

[Verse 1 - Wiz]

So it has begun once again
The question comes up, is it the end
Is it all over, is this the final chapter
Is this the end of my sorrows and laughter
I don't want him to go it's way to late
I had much more, this couldn't be my fate
Why God why, why'd you let this happen
Why'd you let death be the topic of my rappin
I didn't want to do it, but I knew I would
Cause people always be dyin up in this hood
This hood we call home, it's our place
Death is the reaper that we dont wanna face
I faced him before and here I stand
This rap from my grave, I write with my hand
I know it might be scary, a dead man talkin
But this is my Thriller, I now am walkin
To tell the story of my pain
The story of my sorrows
The story that I went through
To never see tomorrow
The last few minutes, that I had breath
The last few seconds, before my death

[Verse 2 - Wiz]
It began like a bad movie
I thought how could life possibly lose me
I had it all good, I had money and power
I stood strong willed, like a tall tower
But no, that's not enough to stay
That's why I do not breathe on this day
I couldn't escape it this fate
It felt like my heart just became a weight
I lost my soul, I became a shell
My only wish that God would keep me from Hell
But as I fell, I saw myself
My life my death and all my wealth
I knew they would be sad, but I didn't care
I was on the ground, not an eye in my stare
Everyone was sad, everyone cried
Everyone grieved, for the wiz had died.
Everyone was sad, I was number seven.
Everyone prayed that I was in Heaven
But do not fear for I am here
My corpse was writing what I would share
If I was on earth and still runnin
My battery died; no charger comin
It was my story and the beginning and the end
My Death after Life this is the message that I send.

Wiz - In The Zone ["The Brotherhood" Theme Song] (Featuring DNL & Nitish)

[Intro - Wiz]
Brotherhood, (yea) that's who we are
Ridin' round undercover like front of your car
You wanna go somewhere, we'll take you far
We got more fuel to burn than the biggest star
Cause we're official, no fouls in our game
We play by the rules, just livin' up to the name
If you in need of a spot, just pick up your phone
And dial W-I-Z, cause I stay in the ZONE

[Verse 1 - Wiz]

Formerly known as the Boyz in da Board
Just the cool people hangin' on a social cord
But that changed on the day that the Zone was open
"This place wont die" was what I was hopin'
My man DNL, who always stayed cool
And Kip, Nit and ION who joined up too
Together we're WINK'D, but please don't Judge
And If we don't accept you then please don't grudge
I Lax 2da Max, yeah, that's what I like to do
If you like laxin and maxin then you can join too
Here in the Zone? Yeah we're ice cold and chill
We don't use flames, don't bring your burn heal
If you got the wrong Idea you're just shittin bricks
And I'll break em' like Mario, throw your stones not ya sticks
Get N' or Get out, that's what we go by
I'm IN; ZONING OUT, Dark tell em' why!

[Verse 2 - DNL]

Sprang from Boyz in da Board
about 2 months ago
the Zone's just another place for people to post
when the board is like crack
(at least according to Whitney)
and it makes you sick
to even think to stick
looking for a place to post?
now we are found
relax, be down, we're gracious hosts
come chill with our crew, be a part of our pact
ain't nothin to it; ain't nothin to do
just post or begone
and that means you.

[Verse 3 - Wiz]
So now I gotta throwback to my ol' bro Sprite
With the old skool boyz he helped us start the flight
But this is just the start, the finish aint in sight
We blastin off higher than Meowth (that's right!)
To infinite and beyond, up and ascend-o
The Zone is a tune, try to catch our crescendo
Don't miss a beat or that's what you will be
You can lounge round here, but you gotta pay a fee
That's free without the R, like Zone without the Z
Cause the ONE you hear is at the top of the list (that's me!)
Streamin topics all week like he's about to take a pisssss
So in conclusion, in order to avoid confusion
You post here, and if we like, you stay
If were not really fond, then have a nice day
This ain't an announcement, It's just another post
We stay in the zone ridin, from coast to coast!

[Verse 4 - Nitish]
Yup yup its the brotherhood,
Strollin through the board like a baby would,
Trollin in our zone, no that’s no good,
Kick you outta the place? Yeah we could,
Just don’t piss us off, and then you can stay,
And like wiz said, there’s a fee that you gotta pay,
So, P-A-Y U-P, oh I meant to tell you what’s the fee,
It’s R-E-S-P-E-C-T, meaning respect now can’t you see?
That’s the way we be, that’s the way we is,
Chillin like 10 freezers, me and my bro wiz,
ION too, and don’t forget kip and DarkNight,
And I’mma quote wiz again, the finish aint in sight
There’s gonna be tons of brotherhoods, we just getting started,
we’s a crazy bunch, we’s just so fuckin’ retarded,
The Brotherhood, we always positive and that’s a big plus,
And the judges are like air, you always gon’ need us

Wiz - Fry Day (Featuring K3V & Nitish)

[Verse 1 - Wiz]
They say T.G.I.F, I say T.G.I.W
Hit the Friday Night Lights & go off like photoshoot
The start of the weekend, more like weekbegin
Friday's when the fun starts, Monday's when it ends
Some don't comprehend as to why it's called Friday
That's when Wiz spits hot fire, throwin punchlines like a Melee
Or Pele, footworks fancy and there's no nay-say
You can ride with me tonight or back your pags and hit the wigh-hay
Touche, don't disrupt my fencing until a Holiday
This is no comedy, this ain't back to the future
We livin in the present, and this one contains your ruler
Who is I, don't deny, this Friday's like a feast
You get Wiz, Nitish and Kev, all on the thirteenth
Not an unlucky combo, more like the supernatural
Call us the X-Pen, what we write is not even taxable
So take back your tariffs, we not going into retail
No resale, Thursday at noon equals an e-fail
When the clock reads zeros, speculation soars
Who will Wiz Fri on this day, will it be sluts or the whores
No disrespect but I elect that Friday be a day of reckoning
Love it or hate it, you'll still crown me as the King.

[Verse 2- K3V]

There's seven days in a week with only one that really matters
It's called fuck Monday give me Friday on a platter
Serve it to me hot so I can love it all day
If everyday was Friday I would never have to pray
Oh shit it's Thursday, meaning homework verse the clocks
But only one more day till we can whip out our own cocks
When lookin at our homework we always seem to mourn
Until that awesome day where we can watch our favorite porn
Fridays like the finish line, we work so hard to get there
like when I pull my dick out and shoot at you like a gun flare
blinded by the light from all the shit that's going on
let's keep Friday Long lasting, let's keep it big and strong.
Hey skank hey slut hey whore what's there to do
Well obviously it's Friday so the answer is you
We go down to my room and start to take off our clothes
Wake up, fuck it's Monday, four more days until who knows.

[Verse 3 - Nitish]

Today is Friday and its my day to get high. Yay
Pull out the driveway, speed up to the highway,
Say, I forgot to mention, I'm breaking my parole,
No suspension or detention, nah I'm kinda old
for this kiddy shit, its nitty gritty up in this hole,
I'mma do you a favor, ill cut you up with a razor
I'mma stab you in the eye with sandpaper,
You're about to go through a rough patch,
I'm swerving side to side leaving dust in my path,
Catch my drift? Bitch, my wordplay's like Iraq,
I'm terrorizing the flow, and Wiz has got the dough,
Kev's here with the dro, now its time for the end of the show,
we're start of your weak ass's end, its Friday up in here,
like the fifth day of the everything, we're the final frontier.

Wiz - An'Gels

[Verse 1 - Wiz]
Since birth I been beaten, torn up, spit at, ridiculed
Some say it's cause I was black, those thoughts are fools
My only tools, not guns and drugs, but love and hugs
I've been through depression, but never been a thug
Entered the world in '92, heart of A-T-L
Where gunshots go off every night, and coke would sell
Couldn't strive there, gentrification was a success
Learned to suck less, so when I get older I would be the best
Life growing up was a challenge
I couldn't get what I wanted, but I still did no damage
To myself and others, sought to please my mother
She worked hard for me, and my sisters and brothers
My father guided me, away from the darkness
Outside my doors was the life that is the hardest
I had it easy, no pain and no struggles
I was blind to the world that was infested with d'evils

[Hook - Wiz]
While we're still alive...
Let us fight not hide...

Take the hood off ya head
And show your pride

Let us fly with An'Gels, (Angels)
Fly with An'Gels, An'Gels, An'Gels (Angels)

[Verse 2 - Wiz]

I had an angel on my shoulder, otherwise I'd be dead
Or in jail or in hell, or somewhere hidin' from the feds
I thank the Lord my soul to keep, that I have not been consumed
By the sinful world, it's a pleasing disguise, an evil perfume
My father always told me not to hang with negative people
I guess that's why I fly solo, only hanging by the steeple
Life is lethal, it's all about the choices you make
The risks you take, the promise you don't break
These streets have rage, you fuck wit 'em, you'll die
The hood has no identity, yours they'll steal and connive
I pray I make it out alive, even when it seems good it's not
Niggas offer me drugs, gang affils, and fights in the lot
So instead of cockin' guns I carry my word
I speak to God on my problems, to some it might sound absurd
Cause niggas bleed just like me, cry just like me
And are gonna have to answer to the Lord, just like me
So while I'm in the hood, while I'm on this Earth
While times go good or bad, for better or worse
I'm gonna take it for all it's worth, cause life is our gift, and our curse.

[Hook - Wiz]
While we're still alive...
Let us fight not hide...

Take the hood off ya head
And show your pride

Let us fly with An'Gels, (Angels)
Fly with An'Gels, An'Gels, An'Gels (Angels)

Wiz - 2010 Vision

[Verse 1 - Wiz]
Now allow me to (re)present the best class ever
The class of 2010, a bond never severed
Through all the highs and lows we now reign supreme
Ready to now live out a lifelong dream
So it seems that time has moved so fast
This is the beginning of a relationship that lasts
A lifetime, for we are forever connected
In anything that we do, we take the attention
Shooting for the moon, stars in the spotlight
We shine in the night, in the morning take flight
Better then the last, greater than the next
Class of X marks the spot, our own treasure chest
Full of memories, friendships, good times and bad
Pretty soon we'll go from high school students to grads
Isn't that grand? Everyone gave a helping hand
In making our class one to remember, from January to December!

[Verse 2 - Wiz]

I see a vision, for the class of 2010
We don't live to lose, we're born to win
A new chapter begins, and an old one ends
It seems like life is ready to start over again
Don't forget the time spent these last 4 years
Don't forget when you shed blood, sweat, and tears
Have no fears, for the future is limitless
And through it all God's love never diminishes
With 2010 vision sometimes we wont see right
From all that's left, we might see light
With that light, we can now see our trail
We can now change our destinies, with much avail
It's time to set sail, to broaden our horizons
It's time to master your waters, just like Poseidon
No use in hiding from the world, it never hid from you
It's waiting for you to change it, so come on through...

Wiz - Double Triple Threat (Featuring Kip, Nitish, DNL, Rocker & Jawo')

[Verse 1 - Wiz]
Killin' n' illin', Wiz is on top of the ceilin'
And he's got his boyz backin' him up while he's still in
Contention for the heavy weight, never late for the debate
Who's the best? Simple question, even simpler the answer
He's the one you're hearin', the slave with no master
And no equal, commandin' the triple threat sequel
Got you leanin' off ya seat watchin' the scene like Dr.Evil
That boy'z gotta sick flow, sippin' it'll make you queasy
Then you ask me how I make it look so easy, boy you best believe me
Walkin' in my shoes is always high-risk, high return
So I suggest you take a step back and try to learn
How to do it like the Wiz, no one does it better
I'm like icy-hot, I make you freeze up, then give you a sweater
With no doggin' out, all I got is these cats who love me
I'm like the mediator, I connect the good the bad and the ugly
I took my bites and now I pass the spoon, cause my boyz are hungry!

[Verse 2- Kip]

So you're asking why Kip is the best? Do you know who you're asking?
Is the fuckin' answer too hard for graspin'?
Chill out people....yea....yea...yea just lax to the max
Smoke a fat pound and lay on ya backs, what do you say to that?
Basically anyone with a sense of sight can cleary see
I'm most definitely no Eminem but it feels so empty Without Me
So let's all just calm down....Please take a fuckin' seat
So I can just think clearly...I'm gettin' dizzy and I can't stand on my feet.
They say I'm supposed to wallow in mud, but if that's the case then why am I a stud?
Got all the ladies screamin' my name, shoutin "Kip, we love your game!"
So why haven't I accepted stardom or fame?
Once again, do you know my name? No? Shut the fuck up you're lame
Have you even felt my pain? Have you ever been cheated on or felt ashamed?
Ever been called a slut or blamed? Blamed that you fucked someone's mind or their brain?
So I'm slut huh? That's okay.
You're a little damn whore, and I hope you enjoy them AIDS

[Verse 3 - Nitish]
Y'allready know the brohood's incredible,
Always gon be around cuz we unforgettable,
Should be plaqued up cuz we so memorable,
Eatin these weak posters cuz they so edible,
I'm the hottest poster on this board - so blazin
Chillin wit my bro Wiz, you know he's so amazin,
DarkNight know that these other posters turtles to him,
Kip runnin over posters like they hurdles to him,
Jawo' runnin this board harder than a track meet,
Rocker on this track but you know he no lackey,
Now enough about them, this is time for me,
I'm excitin' like fireworks, you're just a bore see,
I'm unlucky for you, avoid me like twelve or fourteen,
I'm already past your level, the future is foreseen,
My head is so big, I'm covering the whole scene,
I'm a tear you a new asshole, kinda like goat-see?
I'll end your life, like you overdosed on dopamine,
And who's ending this stunnin verse? Lo and behold, me.

[Verse 4 - DNL]
Ooh! Is that a chill up your spine?
Getting cold feet in the presence of someone divine?
I ain't the Holy Ghost, but if it's all the same, fuck with me and you toast.
Rest assured, vengeance will be wrought
harsh realities, but lessons must be taught.
But don't get me wrong, I ain't quite cold as I make out in this song.
I'd just as soon chill with you than straight kill you.
Actually, I'm iffy on latter
too much effort to make *ninjas* splatter.
I'd just be chillin in the crib, layin in the cut, tryin to do my bid, pickin out the sluts.
I'm feedin the birds, when dinnertime comes.
Honey, want a worm? I got a nice big one!
Nah, but I don't mean to be crass, I fuck around a lot, and I might seem an ass
but I don't wanna shit on ya, I don't wanna spit on ya, and if I see you're in trouble then I ain't gonna quit on ya.
Come to me, anytime, dear, I'll gladly lend an ear and gladly make it clear.
Your head, that is, and whatever's running through it. Whatever your problem is, I'll help ya slew it.
That's right, past tense slew. Like yesterday or prior, your demons are on the fire.
It's just the way I am, why fight it, I like it. And nothing you can say will ever make me strike it.
And yeah, I know I'm bending the rules, but keep it with us. Don't tell them fools.

[Verse 5 - Rocker]
Here I come, I'm The Messiah
The man you all admire
Lightin' the place on fire
You about to get inspired
Cause I'm different than the rest
And I'm better than the best
You heard my rhymes a hundred times
And every time
You leave impressed
And why you even trying?
Cause there is no denying
That you cannot top this
Cause this is my business
So get the fuck away from me
I'm too good for you, don't you see?
Ain't no one gonna disagree

[Verse 6 - Jawo']
I went first in the first threat and now I'm last in the second
it's a shame there ain't noone left who wanna stick out their neck and
try to prove to me that I'm not nearly as good as I say
But that's pointless cuz the rest of the crew already paved the way
I'll take on any motherfucker who thinks they're hot shit
I'll twist your mind so hard you'll learn to be a contortionist
Go eat that cock spit you piece of shit, soon you'll be feelin' the ceilin'
Bitch about the pain you're in while I make you eat yourself for a meal and
just as easy as I'm smearin' the lines between reality and fiction,
I'll drag what's left of ya and smear your blood all over the kitchen
You think I'm depraved yet? I'm so tainted I'm in that shit-faced stage
I haven't drank in months, but I'm under the influence of misplaced rage
I envy your life. You have the entire world of options to choose.
But it was a mistake to pick a fight with someone who's got nothin' to lose.
Bring on the broken bottles of booze. We'll see who really gets cut deep.
I'll spike my hair and headbutt your eyes so I can witness a crimson weep.
I'll counter it all. Bring on the baseball bats. Bring on the serrated blades.
Bring on your sluts who can't get enough business to buy a pair of shades.
You've not nothing on me. You can't take me down. Noone can figure out how.
I'm begging you! Gimme someone who can finally put me out of my misery now!
Anyone who dares to try and end my hate filled lyrical nightmare...
put me to sleep without dreams, just like this loser in front of me right here!

Wiz - Triple Threat (Featuring Jawo' & DNL)

[Intro - Wiz]
What does that spell?
You tell me.
We got Jawo in da game
DNL too
I call this triple threat
Cause the threat's on you!

Triple Threat!!!

[Verse 1 - Jawo']
Bang! The door opens and I walk right in.
I'm lookin in yo' eyes. You know you can't win.
Your punk bitch whacked out friends are bein' smart.
They startin' to back off. They just don't got the heart
to tell you they have lost their faith in your skill.
While I'm standin' right here and I'm plotting my kill.
But they ain't goin' far. I'll spend my sweet time wit' ya
wipe the floor with your face 'n make ya my bitch, yea.
Take a stab below the belt. Why not? I'll confiscate it.
I'm beatin' yo' ass so hard it'll hurt to take a shit.
And before you get the chance to retaliate with the gay joke
I'll take that belt I snatched from ya and give you a reason to choke
But you best get that shit out your mouth first, you fuckin' pig
I wasn't even gonna mention how creepy you look in dat wig.
While my homies wiz and Bro . Bob are itchin' to tear them up
They ready to put on a horror show to scare them up.
And that's fair enough, so I'ma leave it right here.
Time's up, now it's his turn to bring on the fear. (Let's go!)

Triple threat!!!

[Verse 2 - DNL]
Check it: I'm D to the N to the double-digit
when it comes down to it, I'm all about the
I'll string ya along like a drawn out song
fuck with ya head
have ya poppin' pills and takin' meds
Steady sittin' behind ya screen cryin'
meanwhile, I'm on the other side of the world dyin'
But I ain't heartless, sometimes I just start shit
if ya need to talk, I'm sharp.
So take a stab, love; let's conflab and heal those scars and scabs.
It depends on my mood:
low as the floor
high as a kite
swinging back like a revolving door
Try as I might to keep it in check
it's a losing fight; I end up getting wrecked.
Whatever. I'm clever. Myself I'll never sever.
Get on with life and undergo other endeavors.
Long as you know this ain't no emo flow
Just a lil somethin' somethin' to let y'all know.

Triple Threat!!!

[Verse 3- Wiz]
They call me the final boss, cause it be ova'
I do so much damage I'm like a Super Nova
You spit with me, you'll be all out of spit
You'll be all out of breath, I'm tellin' you dis shit
My mind flows freely like the Nile river
The words that come from my mouth make my microphone shiver
You can't handle me son, don't make the error
When this rap is over you'll be shaking in terror
I'm a G, gracefully giving greatness generously
A GangSTAR in the sky, the galaxy gleaming gradually
Whenever I's like you gettin' a present
But for my enemy it's coal, a reward to the peasants
The peasants of the game, for those who don't know
They think they in fame, but they like a no-show
A no-show with no flow, they make it easy for me to go
But it's whatever, I think you had enough today
So in closing of your defeat I would like to say
Don't ever try me again, farewell, and have a nice day.


December 18, 2010

Welcome to "The Brotherhood" blog!

Hey guys it's the wiz and this is "The Brotherhood" blog. I created this blog to serve for one purpose only, to place creative work. Anything that you guys create will go here.

This will also be a showcase for the upcoming Key-Rap album (Key-rap is lyrics only, no vocals or beats) "Can't Fool a Brother." This album will be primarily done by two users from the Super Smash Bros. Brawl Social Board, wiz0_0 and DarkNight11. It will also feature a few other users, such as GenoStrike, flyguy, rockerdood64, Jawoooooooooooo and Autumn_Espirit. Look for it to be posted soon!

That's all for now, check back for more info in the coming weeks!