June 30, 2011

Droppin' Knowledge: Business

Business is not about doing what is right for the good of mankind. Business is about doing what is right for the good of profit. That is the main goal when you are doing business, and that goes for any level you’re on. Selling crack on the streets is just as much of a business as anything else is. The only difference is the legitimacy of the income. When I think about business, the first thing that comes to my mind, and probably to a lot of your minds is a large corporation, headed by a young CEO making billions doing whatever that company does. But when you actually step back and look at the entire picture, every business is doing the same exact thing. They want to push their product, or their “brand” out there, and they want you to invest in that brand.

            The investment we make in that business then fuels their whole operation. They make more of what we want, we buy more, and the cycle continues until the times change. And sometimes they never change. We see companies that have been around for ages – companies like AT&T, GE, Ford – companies that have simply stuck with the times.

            I believe that the act of doing business will never be pure, no matter what it is being done for. The reason lies within the goal of business – money. (Read the write-up on Money for more info) There will always be a hidden agenda, some shadiness going on behind the scenes. Yeah you can market this product in such a way that it seems like it’s for a good cause, but personal gain will always triumph over collective gain. We as a people must first understand this before we understand how to make business something beneficial not just in a financial aspect, but in a social aspect as well.


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