June 17, 2011

Droppin' Knowledge: Relationships

It's all under siege. By who you ask? BY US. We don't want to be committed anymore like previous generations. We take relationships for less than what they're worth now. I know people who've been in 3-4 different relationships all in the span of a year, some of them I knew really well. It's okay to do in high school, but relationships in high school wont last, point blank period, but if you're out in the world, it's time to strap down and get serious. About everything. (Well not EVERYTHING, but yeah.) That doesn't mean you have to find a chick who will ride it out with you from the first day you step in college, but it means you start taking more things into account when it comes to a partner, because there is more at stake for both of you. It's a hard thing to do, and many people stress themselves (myself included) way too much over relationships and such. And for us guys, the ladies are a huge part of that stress, thought we accept it.

I think women are a blessing to this world. Just think, do you know how wack the world would be if it were guys only? That being said, I will never put a female on a higher pedestal than she deserves. When both the man and the woman are on equal levels, as far as anything goes, that's when the synergy is most likely to grow.

There are some roles the man must take, and some the female must take (like cooking my dinner! ...just kidding.) and those roles tie into that synergy. I don't say it's 50/50...I say it's 100/100, because both sides have to give everything in order the get the best results. If I give half, I'll never have the full thing, and vice versa. The full thing is that feeling that progress is being made. The feeling that the relationship will last...possibly a lifetime.


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